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Anne Osterlund
Official Home Page

Hello Readers!
I have two tremendous pieces of news. First, my most recent book, Salvation, won first place in two categories at the International Latino Book Awards: Most Inspirational YA and Best Latino Subject Focused YA in English. Salvation was also selected for the Latino Books into Movies list. My other characters and I are all very proud of Salva and Beth. Second, Aurelia and Robert and I are thrilled to tell you that their third and final novel, Redemption, is being edited by Angelle Pilkington — the same editor who completed their first two books. We are thrilled to have her incredible insight for the ultimate conclusion of their journey. Check out the summary on my What's Next page.

Welcome to our universe of the imagination!

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I'm generally not the most organized person. I don't keep a date book. I don't record my travel expenses on a regular basis. I cram all my receipts into my wallet or dump them in a pile on my file cabinet...

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