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"Everyone is still raving about your visit!"

--Pam Steele, talented and gifted teacher, Highland Hills Elementary

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One of my goals as an author and human being is to share my love of writing and story-telling with others. I find that every author appearance has a unique format and audience (and therefore, unique needs), but I have tried to compose a general set of guidelines to help individuals and organizations determine which of my offerings might provide them with the best fit.

If you are interested in a small group presentation, writing or literature workshop, large group presentation for youth, or school visit, please select the appropriate link below for details. I am also available for guest speaking appearances, public readings, and book signings. Feel free to contact me at with questions or to arrange an author visit.

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Other Group Presentations and Workshops

My Credentials:
In addition to being a young adult author, I have a Masters of Education; a B.A. in Elementary Education, grades K-8; a Second Teaching Field in English, grades 4-12; and a minor in English. I also have eight years of teaching experience at grade levels 3-6 and a lifetime of public-speaking experience, thanks to a multitude of drama productions and nine years in 4-H! I speak both English and Spanish, and, upon occasion, direct Shakespeare.


Anne Osterlund was the guest author at our May 2008 Educator Appreciation Night, attended by almost 400 educators from Southwest Washington. She was easy to work with, had a great idea for a skit that involved a few of our booksellers and was very well received by the crowd, gave a nice speech and signed copies of her latest book, which we sold out of that night. She was professional, flexible, funny, and gracious and was appreciated even more by the educators because she is also a teacher. She is also growing a fan base amongst the booksellers in our store. I could not have asked for a better headline author!

--Shawn Sorenson, Community Relations Manager;
Barnes & Noble bookstore, Vancouver, WA


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