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Aurelia and Robert approve all of these reviews.

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ParkReviews for Exile:

The Story Siren:

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I thought Aurelia was fantastic .....but I LOVED Exile! I was immediately hooked from the first page! If you thought Aurelia was whirlwind, just wait until you dive into Exile!

I loved visiting all the different places in Aurlia's kingdom and I was glad that [she] and Robert were my guides! Just when I thought I had these two figured out, just when I thought they might catch a break...the tides change and the waves knock me off my feet! It was so fun to read! I honestly never knew what was going to happend next.

Osterlund has done it again! With unforgettable characters and an epic story, Aurelia is sure to win your heart and her stories a place on your self!

And how about that ending?! I truly hope that there is more of this story to
be told!


YA Bibliophile:

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Ms. Osterlund has crafted another addicting read! Adventure, mystery, romance, intrigue, Danger...what more could you ask for? Aurelia is a strong and spunky lead and Tobert will make your heart go pitter patter. This second book will keep you just as engaged as the first and you'll be dying for book three by the end!


Fiction Folio


I devoured this book in one sitting and was sad to see it end.

Not only was the story realistic, it was gut-wrenching and tumultuous, creating the perfect drama-filled story that makes you root for the couple against all odds.

Exile is definitely a must-read and a story that will suck you in and leave you wanting more.


Book Nut

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Anne Osterlund has a knack for writing sweeping stories, ones that are full of suspense, action and romance. Ones that keep you engaged in the book, wondering what's going to happen next, rooting for the characters all the way. All the best elements of Aurelia are there: she's still a kick-butt heroine, passionate and determined; he's still a swoon-worthy partner. Osterlund knows how to write action, and takes readers on some pretty wild twists and turns, and yet grounds it all in some how to take readers on some pretty wild twists and turns, and yet grounds it all in some pretty intense ideas of freedom and loyalty.


My Love Affair With Books:


I loved Exile! I was pulled into Aurelia's world filled with mystery, intrigue and the thrill of adventure. Told in a appealing style, Exile wil hold your attention right to the very end.

An intriguing and mesmerizing story.


Reading Vacation:Leave

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In this stunning sequel, Princess Aurelia has been exiled from the kingdom of Tyralt. Together with Robert, she faces betrayal and danger in strange lands. Exile is a wild ride that I didn’t want to get

The journey itself is breathtaking. Both the locales and the characters along the way are intriguing.

Anne Osterlund has done it again. With a compelling plot and strongly developed characters, Exile delivers.


Karen Keyte:

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Exile takes place in a world so well drawn and so richly peopled that it's easy to think of it as historical fiction rather than fantasy. And the truth is , it is some of both and so much more. I loved this book - the story, the landscape, and wonderfully three-dimensional characters. To my mind, Ms. Osterlund is one of the most talented Young Adult fantasy authors writing today...I can't help hoping that Aurelia will convince her to start a sequel to Exile soon.

The Authoress:

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Fantanstic prose, loved the character development and all the emotional upheaval will make your heart ache.

The characters were more alive than ever. Aurelia was up and fighting, straining against the unexpected bounds her expedition set on her. Robert, frustrated as ever, trying to tell her not to be so reckless and stupid. The two of them are presented so well. It's so easy to imagine their relationship and with Anne Osterlund's experssive writng style, everything comes alive-including the increasing heat between our two MCs.

I think this...speaks of Anne Osterlund's ability to bring out the soul of a character.

Amelia Leave

YA Book Nerd:

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A great continuation of Aurelia's story. It's full of tension - danger lurking everywhere with double-crossing, and betrayals. Romantic tension fills the book.

Yearning to Read:

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Anne Osterlund is one talented writer. Her skill and style are so perfect...It all unfolded with suspense and kept me sucked in without falter. This book is awesome.

An altogether perfect second installation to the books about Aurelia's live.

Sierra Abrams

The Merry Genre Go Rounds:

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The sequel to Aurelia is a terrific high school age thriller as the heroine seeks to get away from her deadly home and meet her subjects. Tobert is her most loyal follower as dangSun and Waterer is everywhere from paid assassins to outlaws. The encounter between mother and daughter is incredibly passionate; however the heroine's inner moral compass will determine what she will do as she has a strong ethical value system (must be maternal DNA).

Harriet Klausner



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