Discussion Questions - Academy 7:

A pdf version of the Discussion Guide is available for viewing/downloading by clicking here (requires Adobe Reader, available by clicking here).

1. What is your favorite scene or character within the book? What appeals to you about that particular scene or character?

2. How does Aerin feel about attending Academy 7? Why do you think she feels this way?

3. How is Dane’s reaction to Academy 7 different from Aerin’s? Why do you think he reacts this way?

4. The first debate in Xioxang’s classroom reveals a lot about the universe Aerin and Dane live in. What does it tell you about the Alliance and its relationship with other parts of the universe?

5. Why do you think Aerin is so quick to believe Yvonne’s comments about Dane in the cafeteria? How does Dane really feel about Aerin when he meets her, and why do you think he is interested in her?

6. Dane commits “the Crime” after a discussion with his father? Why do you think Dane reacts in this way?

7. When Dane asks Aerin home for Christmas, how does she react? How is this a turning point in the story?

8. Aerin learns a lot about Dane when she travels home with him for Christmas. What does his trip home reveal about him?

9. Though Dr. Livinski narrates only a few scenes in the book, her decisions have a big impact on Aerin and Dane’s lives. Is Dr. Livinski a positive or a negative character? How do you think she really feels toward Aerin and Dane? Why?

10. How do Aerin and Dane change throughout the book? How does this affect their relationship toward one another? How does the information they learn about their pasts affect their views of the future?

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