Discussion Questions - Redemption:

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  1. What is the moral dilemma Aurelia faces during the first chapter? What decision does she make, and how does this decision become a turning point within the action of the overall series?

  2. How does Robert feel about Aurelia’s decision? What major moral dilemma does he face in the novel? And how do his decisions about that dilemma affect the action within Redemption?

  3. There are three scenes in the book from the villainess’s point of view. Why do you think the author chose to include those scenes? How do they impact your overall understanding of the story?

  4. A foil is a character who contrasts with a main character in order to highlight qualities within the main character. Valerian is a foil for Robert. How are the two young men alike? How are they different? How does Valerian’s character impact your understanding of Robert? And how does the relationship between both characters change throughout the story?

  5. How does the battle in the forest impact the relationship between the two main characters? How does it impact Aurelia’s and Robert’s roles within the revolution?

  6. Drew has a major impact on the action within Redemption, both in the Prologue and in Chapter Twenty. How does he affect the action? How is his role within the series different from that of all the other characters? And how is his role in Tyralt different from those other characters?

  7. The Oracle, the Heir of Valshone, and Lord Lester all have developing roles within the story. What do each of them represent? How do their conversations in the Council tent reflect the larger country of Tyralt?

  8. Aurelia’s and Melony’s views of their roles within Tyralt are very different. How would you describe each sister’s view? How do you feel about Aurelia’s decision at the end of Chapter Twenty-Two? Could she have made a better decision? How does the dream in Chapter Twenty-Five impact your viewpoint toward Melony?

  9. What did the key symbolize at the beginning of the book? What does it symbolize at the end? How would the end of the series be different if Aurelia made a different choice about the key at the end of Redemption?

  10. Why do you think the author chose to end the series with the final scene? Does Aurelia impact the future of Tyralt in the way you anticipated after you had read the first book? Were the doubts she experienced earlier in the series good or bad for the future of Tyralt?



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