Discussion Questions - Exile:

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  1. At the end of the first chapter, why does Aurelia dismount among the crowd? Why is the decision risky? What does her decision tell you about Aurelia’s priorities?

  2. How does Robert feel about Aurelia’s decision to dismount? What does his reaction tell you about his priorities?

  3. What are Aurelia’s goals at the beginning of the expedition? What goals does she avoid setting? What do you think Robert’s goal(s) is/are for the expedition?

  4. Both Aurelia and Robert are suffering from guilt. How does this guilt affect the way they act throughout the book?

  5. Unveiling a surprise is a good way to create a turning point in the action of a story. Identify at least three turning points in the first half of Exile. What surprises are connected to those turning points? How do those surprises change the direction of the story?

  6. What major obstacle do Aurelia and Robert face as they cross the Gate? What does Aurelia learn about Robert during this crossing?

  7. How do Robert’s parents react to Aurelia’s arrival on the homestead? Why do they react this way? How do their opinions change/stay the same during the course of her visit?

  8. Who is behind the desert raids? How is this connected to the fire at the beginning of the story? How does this discovery affect Aurelia and the expedition?

  9. Why is there a key on the cover of the book? What does it symbolize?

  10. Aurelia learns a lot about Tyralt throughout her expedition (in Sterling, the Asyan Forest, across the Gate, on the frontier, and in the desert). Name something she learns in each location. Then predict what will happen next in Aurelia’s life. How do you think she will use what she has learned in the future?



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