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About Salvation
(as related by Anne Osterlund)


LockersI first met Salva and Beth in the middle of
a collision. Pencils, papers, the contents of
Beth’s backpack, and point-of-view everywhere!

Yet neither of them bothered to introduce themselves. Oh, no; they were both far too busy telling me about each other. According to her, he was one of those “patronizing—and annoying—organized people.” And according to him, she was “the walking disaster area.”

There was plenty of evidence to support both claims. Though I got no names out of that collision, and I had no idea there was a book coming.

I didn’t find that out until Pepe shoved Salva into the prologue. Pepe is Salva’s best friend, and he’s pretty certain he knows what Salva needs: by this I mean who Salva should date, what sport he should play, what he should do with his life, where he should go to college, and when Salva shCalculatorould be brave enough to introduce himself to an author—aka yours truly—and demand that author write his story.

In this case, Pepe was right: Salva has a heck of a story.




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