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About Academy 7(as related by Anne Osterlund)

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A couple

I first found Aerin while she was gazing in a mirror, removing her headband, and contemplating the vast question of whether she could scrub away the person she had been in order to become someone different (see Aerin's Dilemma). This, of course, was a question which required an entire book to answer. Three books, actually, if I ever have the opportunity to share them all. Aerin has never been particularly easy to read, but she has always been intriguing. Raw. And the heart of the story.
After I met her, two other characters-with a vague resemblance to Paul and Yvonne-tried to machinate their way into becoming equally important voices. They were distracting. Yvonne, inThe nebula particular, caused no end of trouble trying to overinflate her status.
But then, Dane showed up. Dane, who has no patience with deception. Or duplicity. And has never been the slightest bit dishonest about his own compulsion for trouble. I found him in prison, throwing away his future and angry with his father.
Paul never stood a chance. In fact, Dane eventually stole all the main action I had assigned to Yvonne as well. He was just far more interesting than either of them.
So Academy 7 is, in the end, Aerin and Dane's story.
As they must always have known it would be.





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